Become a COVID-19 vaccine ambassador

Please fill out the application below to get started. Once the course is completed, you will receive a certificate, a stipend* and additional bonuses for completed outreach!

The COVID-19 Vaccine Ambassador training educates and empowers people to support vaccine-hesitant members in our community. All are welcome to complete the training.

*Only individuals residing in Hamilton County, Ohio can receive a stipend and be considered for outreach opportunities.  

Course Overview:

  • Progression of COVID-19 in the U.S. and the history of Black and Brown communities in the healthcare system
  • Answers to common vaccine questions and misconceptions
  • The effect on an individual’s long-term health following COVID-19 infection
  • How to have culturally sensitive and science-backed conversations about vaccination

As a Vaccine Ambassador, you will:

  • Meet people where they are and drive conversations around vaccine hesitancy
  • Be passionate about people getting vaccinated
  • Share credible information about the vaccine in your community
  • Provide helpful feedback for culturally sensitive messaging
  • Keep up with new COVID-19 guidelines, recommendations and data
  • Track, report progress and provide feedback 

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