As one of the largest providers of health information technology, Epic Systems is used primarily by large U.S. hospitals and health systems to access, organize, store and share electronic medical records.

The Epic staff represent a specific area in healthcare as the individuals responsible for building, implementing and maintaining the Epic software within the health systems they represent. The Health Collaborative convenes quarterly with ten groups that are made up of epic staff across the region, providing a platform for each member to share insight and experiences.



The quarterly regional CMIO meetings facilitated by the health collaborative are a wonderful opportunity to work closely with other health systems in the region.  The ability to collaborate allows us to learn from each other and to ensure that we are working together to help improve the overall health of our community.

Dr. Fernandez

UC Health CMIO , Epic CMIO Think Tank participant

The Health Collaborative has been a fun and valuable experience, providing an opportunity to share and collaborate with local Epic colleagues. Regardless of whether or not our organizations are adult or pediatric, we all face similar challenges and it’s helpful to learn about strategies or approaches that have been successful for other health care providers.

Julianne Bick

Epic MyChart SIG, Cincinnati Childrens

I find our Health Collaborative Security meetings very helpful.  Especially when it comes to new epic functionality (upgrades and SUs) coming down the pike. If a hospital went live already with a piece of new functionality it is often shared with the group and it really helpful with lessons learned.

David Smiley

Application Coordinator/Cadence/SER, St. Elizabeth Healthcare

The role of the special interest groups conducted and coordinated by the Health Collaborative are invaluable to our respective organizations ability to provide a consistent experience to our clinicians in the Epic medical record system. We have a venue to compare ideas, innovations and methodologies with each other to help make each of our systems as efficient as possible to our end users. It also is a great opportunity to create long-lasting professional contacts and friendships.

Ryan Erb, MHA

IT Manager, Clinical Solutions