innovate care

Innovation in healthcare involves testing new or improved systems, products, technologies, and services that ultimately improve people’s health. We prioritize data-driven clinical innovation that delivers the greatest value to our partners and community health. Together, with our members and community partners, we convene to test the ways in which care is delivered and standardized.

Examples include statewide partnerships, federal funding, growth and exploration, and supporting hospital operations. Our current projects and partners include: Cardi-OH, Ohio University, Deloitte Medication Management, Epic Services, and the Accreditation Committee. Some characteristics of this work are statewide partnerships, federal funding, growth & exploration, and supporting hospital operations.

clinical initiatives

The strength of our clinical initiatives centers around our unique ability to convene trusted partners, stakeholders and peers to identify and implement thoughtful solution-based strategies and best-practices to ensure the overall health of our region. We are committed to increasing effective care delivery and improving clinical outcomes by:

  • Hosting centralized clinical education and professional development opportunities to our healthcare community, in addition to various networking events.
  • Supporting our members by facilitating group contracting and managing administrative aspects of services as needed.  
  • Regularly convening role-specific affinity groups, action groups, and coalitions on a regional level to share common issues and procure future-focused solutions. 
  • Offering quality improvement and project management support with grant-funded efforts throughout the organization. We can also support multi-stakeholder grant applications.