The Health Collaborative is building a Greater Cincinnati region that is healthy by design, engaging stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem, especially those who have historically been left out of the conversation. With philanthropic support, THC can engage in effective grassroots efforts, uniting policy makers, care providers and individuals with a common objective: to improve health and reduce costs. In doing so, this allows for the implementation of improvement strategies, analysis and management of data, as well as setting community standards for quality care. 

Dues-paying members of THC work side-by-side on healthcare improvement projects, share best practices, and gain exclusive access to comprehensive workforce data, disaster preparedness and emergency planning resources, as well as training courses and educational opportunities and participation in our GPO.

To find the level of membership and benefits that are the best fit for you & your organization, please contact: Jackie Glaser, Senior Director, Client Services:

member testimonials

One of the most personally valuable benefits of The Health Collaborative is the opportunity to discuss medical issues that impact the entire Cincinnati community with my peers across the city. Awareness and, in some cases alignment, of strategies other health systems are deploying to tackle challenges like the opioid epidemic and provider burnout, as well as issues like medical marijuana and population health management, elevates the health of our communities. Also, the data governance process to promote compliant sharing of important private health information while still keeping our patients protected, safe and secure is a valuable one. 

Erin R. Fries, MD

Chief Clinical Officer, Mid-American Group , Mercy Health

We use the [ED] notifications to help with care coordination. [They help us] to intervene and proactively think about what we would do next time to prevent ED visits. Sometimes those serve may not follow-up on an appointment, and it’s often hard to keep track of patients. The alerts help keep track and help us work with our patients more closely.

Sarah Mills

Operations Director, Health Care Access Now

Compensation [department] appreciates [Business Intelligence Manager] Jason Bubenhofer’s partnership and responsiveness. We find great value in the “Quick Surveys” that the Health Collaborative offers and appreciate how we can request our own. They provide useful insights as to what our healthcare peers are doing and help guide our Compensation strategy.

Kyle Gardner

HR Specialist, Compensation, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

We love The Health Collaborative surveys – they allow us to compare and contrast our local peers and competitors with what may be a larger market. 

In addition, we frequently use the custom survey support from The Health Collaborative to help us benchmark and assess specific questions related benefit or compensation programs, allowing us to gain local market best practice insights and prevalence, while keeping confidentiality among the other participating health systems. The process is easy and results are nicely organized.

Jennifer Gessendorf

Executive Director, Human Resources, Paycor

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