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hospital utilization reports

  • In 2021, Greater Cincinnati hospitals had more than 240,000 discharges (in 2020 it was more than 225,000)
  • In 2021, Greater Cincinnati hospitals had more than 975,000 emergency room visits (in 2020 it was more than 850,000)

We track numbers like these to help our healthcare community track trends, make staffing decisions, and coordinate patient care. Access to monthly utilization reports on seven key metrics allows our members to adjust to market shifts and achieve strategic goals. Contact Jason Bubenhofer, Senior Manager Market Intelligence, for more information:

The Qualified Entity (QE) Public Report

To advance its efforts in expanding transparency and accountability across the Greater Cincinnati region’s participating public and private payers and primary care practices, the Ohio QE project has developed a public report of healthcare measures. This report, which presents data on healthcare utilization metrics for all QE-participating payers located in Ohio, seeks to help inform potential downstream opportunities for care delivery.


Qualified Entity report cover