The Health Collaborative Announces Strategic Promotions

Tiffany Mattingly to Chief Engagement Officer and Vice President of Clinical Strategies and Jill Collet Riester to Vice President of Operations, Programs, and Member Services.


Tiffany Mattingly to Chief Engagement Officer and Vice President of Clinical Strategies and Jill Collet Riester to Vice President of Operations, Programs, and Member Services.

Cincinnati, OH – The Health Collaborative announces the promotion of two key leaders, Tiffany Mattingly and Jill Collet, to critical organizational roles. These promotions mark a strategic move to further elevate The Health Collaborative’s operational excellence and its commitment to delivering membership value and healthcare improvement solutions.


Tiffany Mattingly, Director, Clinical Quality Improvement

Tiffany Mattingly: Chief Engagement Officer and Vice President of Clinical Strategies

Tiffany, named one of the Top 50 Women Leaders of Ohio in 2022, expands her impact at The Health Collaborative by assuming the role of Chief Engagement Officer alongside her current position as Vice President of Clinical Strategies. Tiffany will spearhead comprehensive engagement initiatives with members, community leaders, stakeholders, and the public. This crucial role is central to fortifying the organization’s reputation, staying attuned to key regional needs and opportunities, and ensuring a positive and lasting impact on the community.

As Vice President of Clinical Strategies, Tiffany will continue to lead innovative approaches in developing clinical strategies that can be seamlessly implemented and scaled across the organization’s diverse programs and initiatives.

Deirdre Beluan, President & CEO at The Health Collaborative states: “Tiffany’s clinical experience and passion for healthcare improvement make her the perfect fit for this role. She’s been at the forefront of mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic, led multiple multi-stakeholder convening groups, and has served as our public information officer for the past few years. She’s the ideal person to lead our regional engagement efforts while ensuring the continued success of the organization’s clinical initiatives.”

Prior to joining The Health Collaborative, Tiffany supported innovative initiatives within a strategic value-based care delivery model with a local health plan, and clinically led diverse teams in maternal and newborn care for over a decade. She has been actively involved in various organizations, serving on the Hamilton County Addiction Response Coalition Steering Committee, as Co-Chair of the Harm Reduction Subcommittee, and on boards of PreventionFirst!, HealthSource of Ohio, and the Mental Health and Recovery Board Serving Warren and Clinton Counties. Tiffany holds an MSN in Nursing Administration from the University of Cincinnati, College of Nursing and a BSN from the same institution.


Jill Collet

Jill Collet: Vice President Operations, Programs, and Member Services

Jill assumes the role of Vice President of Operations, Programs, and Member Services. Jill will drive long-range planning efforts, enhance operational performance, and identify opportunities for process improvements. She will oversee the implementation of solutions, manage strategic projects, and contribute to organizational leadership and strategy development. Additionally, she will be directing member-focused programs.

Deirdre shares, “Jill’s wealth of experience and dedication to operational excellence make her the ideal leader for this critical role. She’s a natural leader with an unmatched skillset in improving operational efficiencies. We are excited to see the positive impact she will undoubtedly bring in her new role.”

Jill’s previous role involved leading interdisciplinary teams and executing projects to impact improvement in primary care. She has been instrumental in addressing health-related social needs and providing leadership on clinical topics. Jill holds a Master of Public Health and a BS in Biomedical Engineering degrees from the University of Cincinnati.



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