Health Collaborative Supports the State of Black Cincinnati Report

We are thrilled to share that The Health Collaborative is proud to be featured in the State of Black Cincinnati Report, released on Juneteenth by the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio. This report addresses critical topics impacting the lives of Black residents in Cincinnati, including health, housing, income disparity, mental health, and food insecurity.

Our Role

Within the Health Chapter, THC documented our dedicated efforts to tackle health disparities and promote health equity within our region. Our work is guided by our three strategic pillars:

  1. Community Health: Focus on health and healthcare equity across hospitals and health systems with a priority around systems change and social drivers of health.
  2. Emergency Preparedness and Response: Collaborate with government, community organizations, emergency management, and communications to ensure region’s preparedness and contribute to its resilience.
  3. Workforce Innovation: Bring together employers, educators, and community partners to build, align, and promote in-demand healthcare career programs and pathways.

Working Together with the Urban League

Our work is driven by the needs and priorities of the communities we serve. Through trusted partnerships like the Urban League, we can drive meaningful change in improving health. In recent years, THC and ULGSO have worked together on the Community Health Needs Assessment and Test & Protect initiative on COVID-19. The Urban League acted as a strategic partner in both aspects by providing input on the creation on the regional health assessment and through identifying innovative solutions provide comprehensive testing and vaccine administration.

Future Initiatives

Looking ahead, we are committed to being an essential partner to organizations throughout the Greater Cincinnati region to accelerate positive healthcare change. These initiatives are include but not limited to:

  1. CHNA and Collective Health Agenda
  2. Connecting Medical and Social Care
  3. Mama Certified
  4. Health Equity in Emergency Preparedness
  5. Diversity through an accessible healthcare dashboard
  6. Investment in the future healthcare workforce
  7. Increasing visibility of local and diverse vendors to healthcare systems
  8. Identifying opportunities to address equity in trauma data registry by stratifying data

Together, we can drive action and create a lasting impact in our communities. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to read the full report! Thank you for your continued support in making our community a healthier and more equitable place for all. The State of Black Cincinnati Report was released on Juneteenth 2024.

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