The Health Collaborative Declared a Recovery Friendly Workplace

As a member of the Recovery Friendly Hamilton County Initiative, THC offers a variety of resources to staff including information about local substance use disorder and recovery programs.

The Health Collaborative (THC) has joined Hamilton County Public Health, the Hamilton County Administration, the Board of County Commissioners, and more than a dozen local businesses in the Recovery Friendly Hamilton County Initiative (RFHC).

The initiative aims to ensure employees and their families receive the resources and support they need to engage in and recover from substance use disorder.

RFHC saw its beginnings at Hamilton County Public Health (HCPH) where equipping local employers with the tools and resources they need to address substance use disorder (SUD) was prioritized among their personnel. It is estimated that over 75% of Americans with an SUD are part of the workforce. The human and economic toll of addiction is far too great to go unchecked in the workplace.

In addition to providing resources to help employers fight SUD, HCPH wanted to embark on a countywide campaign that would champion and support those already in recovery as well as battle the stigma of addiction. Through extensive research and interagency coordination, RFHC has become one of many recovery-friendly workplace initiatives taking a foothold across the nation.

In the coming months, THC’s human resources department will provide a variety of resources to staff including information about local substance use disorder and recovery programs.

“In order to achieve a high level of employee health, safety, and productivity, we will educate, share resources, and encourage all employees to reach out for help and support. We also invite our team to share anything that might help all of us on this journey together.”

The THC team is proud of its culture and genuine concern for the well-being of one another, and taking these steps toward becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace is a way to ensure care for the whole person, from within.

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