Tri-State Disaster Preparedness shares in a Tabletop Exercise with World Affairs Council – Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

Emily Rose, International Program lead, World Affairs Council (Left) and Lauren Phipps, Senior Specialist, The Health Collaborative (Right)

We are proud to highlight a successful collaboration between The Health Collaborative’s Tri-State Disaster Preparedness Coalition and the World Affairs Council – Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky during our recent 2024 Active Threat Tabletop Exercise (TTX).

Our latest TTX, held at United Way Greater Cincinnati and facilitated by IMEG Consulting Group was enriched by the participation of the World Affairs Council. This inclusion allowed for expanded discussions and insights into how other countries handle disaster preparedness and response, highlighting best practices and innovative approaches. By fostering an exchange of ideas and experiences across boarders, we aim to improve collective readiness and resilience for the greater good.

The Health Collaborative is dedicated to organizing events & exercises to ensure that emergency services across our region are ready to act in times of crisis. These trainings and resource sharing are absolutely critical for allowing participants to practice and understand their roles & responsibilities during an emergency.  

Together, we are enhancing our region’s capacity to respond to emergencies and ensuring the safety and well-being of our communities. Thank you to World Affairs Council and everyone who participated! 

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