Two Key Players in Ohio’s Health Information Exchange Announce New Partnership

The Health Collaborative and CliniSync are joining forces to improve interoperability and patient care statewide.

March 17, 2023

Shannan Schmitt
Senior Director, Communications


Two Key Players in Ohio’s Health Information Exchange Announce New Partnership

The Health Collaborative and CliniSync are joining forces to improve interoperability and patient care statewide.


Cincinnati, OH – The Health Collaborative (THC) has strategically partnered with the Ohio Health Information Partnership (OHIP), also known as CliniSync, to improve the delivery of statewide health information exchange (HIE) services. The Health Collaborative will transition its HIE customers to CliniSync by the end of 2023.

HIEs improve patient care and lower costs by supplying healthcare providers with information about a patient’s medical history. This information is critical in supporting care coordination across the medical community. THC’s HIE currently connects 70 hospitals, and more than 18,000 healthcare providers across 14 counties, with nearly 15 million results delivered monthly.

This partnership establishes a statewide HIE and aims to streamline patient data exchange across all of Ohio’s 88 counties, improving interoperability and care coordination. Through this strategic partnership, THC will continue to have access to the HIE data and provide actionable insights about our community’s health.

“We’re thinking progressively by understanding the future needs of the communities we serve in providing a more effective healthcare data delivery model. The Health Collaborative, with the full support of health system CEOs, is moving forward with what’s best for the participating healthcare providers in Southwest Ohio and across the state, and their patients,” said Debbie Hayes, Board Chairwoman, The Health Collaborative. “This partnership will allow us to deliver a cost-effective service that supports Ohio’s healthcare ecosystem to improve care coordination, reduce inefficiencies, address care gaps, and enhance the patient experience.

Deirdre Beluan, Interim CEO of The Health Collaborative adds, “The mission of The Health Collaborative is to convene healthcare stakeholders and provide them with actionable data for the good of the community. These efforts will be made stronger because of this partnership.”

Over the last few years, many HIEs throughout the country have consolidated to produce more substantial value in overlapping markets, and to free up dollars and resources dedicated to innovative collaborations such as this that benefit customers.

“The evolution of national interoperability is driving the need for HIEs to adapt and create new opportunities to provide value and improve patient care. Having one information exchange serving the entire state will not only facilitate broad access to clinical data in a secure, efficient, and cost-effective manner, but support innovative models to improve health outcomes for all Ohioans,” shares Amy Andres, Board Chairwoman, Clinisync.

Moving forward, THC will continue to prioritize the health and healthcare improvement of its members and the community by leading community health transformation, expanding and diversifying the healthcare workforce, innovating care, and coordinating regional disaster preparedness, response, and resiliency.

“Broader, centralized information sharing only improves our efforts in doubling down on what matters most – health and care improvement. This partnership allows us to be laser-focused on using the HIE data to support the convening, coordinating, and healthcare innovations our members and the community have come to expect from us,” shares Beluan.



The Health Collaborative is a non-profit, data-driven, convening organization located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We bring together healthcare stakeholders in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and provides them with the actionable data to build a region that is healthy by design. For more information, please visit

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