Building Resilience: More Than 200 Healthcare Professionals Empowered with Mental Toughness Training

Oct 17, 2023


The curtain has closed on our 2023 resiliency training sessions. RISE, which stands for Resiliency Initiative for Skills & Empowerment, is an initiative brought to life by The Health Collaborative in partnership with Mentally Tougher with State of Ohio’s Industry Sector Partnership grant. Since early spring, we conducted ten full-day sessions. These sessions were a melting pot of insights, strategies, and personal growth. As we wrap up this experience, we are reflecting on its profound impact on more than 200 participating healthcare professionals now armed with resiliency skills that will serve them professionally and personally.

Rising Above the Challenges

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, professionals face a multitude of challenges. From the intense demands of patient care to the intricacies of healthcare systems, the resilience of our healthcare workforce is paramount. The RISE program is designed to provide them with the tools and knowledge to thrive in adversity. But what makes this achievement genuinely exceptional are the stories and testimonies that have emerged from those who participated.

Testimonials That Speak Volumes

This was an excellent discussion; I learned a lot and had some significant self-reflection. I started working on my opportunities when I got home.

-Outpatient Pharmacist

This was one of the best seminars/discussions I have ever attended. It made me aware of how I interact with my coworkers and the most important people. I have a lot I need to work on both professionally and personally. Thank you so much, Michael!

-Healthcare Office Manager

I had taken some resiliency training at a larger network, so I was familiar with the concepts. When I took the training at my prior organization, it was pre-COVID, so I like how it helped me relate to what some people may be feeling and trying to work through.

– RN and Educator

Our appreciation goes out to the healthcare professionals who embraced this journey, and we’re excited to see the continued positive impact they’ll have on the world of healthcare.


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