Collective Efforts for Preparedness: Tri-State Disaster Preparedness Coalition Spring Exercise

The Tri-State Disaster Preparedness Coalition in Southwest Ohio recently conducted a Medical Response Surge Exercise virtually that simulated a realistic chemical incident in Cincinnati, OH.

May 24, 2024


As the sponsor of the Tri-State Disaster Preparedness Coalition (TSDPC), The Health Collaborative works with emergency management and service agencies, public health departments, hospitals and other groups to ensure they’re informed, train, and ready to respond in times of disaster.  One of the key ways this is done is through exercises that mimic extreme stress on the local healthcare and emergency systems.

In a mock-disaster this spring, a chemical spill at an entertainment event impacted 800 patients requiring immediate triage, transport, and care in the region.  This virtual exercise brought together hospitals, emergency management agencies, public health, fire and EMS agencies, poison control, and a local home health agency to test response procedures and policies to a disaster of this magnitude.  Participants acted in their respective roles, triaging, transporting, and treating a surge of virtual patients across the region. While no physical patients were moved, the exercise created a decision-making environment, ensured access to platforms and tested communication and effective information sharing.

The regular exercises conducted Tri-State Disaster Preparedness Coalition highlight the strengths of  engage a number of diverse members of the region and continue to build on strengths of the region: facilitation, coordination, and communication, while highlighting areas for continued growth and resilience.

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