The Health Collaborative Secures State of Ohio Industry Sector Partnership Grant

Funding Bolsters Workforce Innovation

Dec 13, 2023

(CINCINNATI, Ohio)—The Health Collaborative (THC), a trailblazer in healthcare workforce innovation, proudly announces its third consecutive year of being awarded the State of Ohio Industry Sector Partnership (ISP) grant, receiving $250,000 in support. The grant is a testament to THC’s commitment to advancing healthcare workforce development and addressing our employers’ critical talent needs.

This new funding will further support THC’s ongoing initiatives, including developing, launching, and refining a Healthcare Workforce Data Dashboard with an equity lens. This innovative tool will provide valuable insights into workforce dynamics, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of healthcare workforce trends and strategic priorities.

Additionally, the grant will contribute to building a more robust supply of qualified nursing instructors and increasing the pipeline of imaging professionals, including Radiology Technicians and Diagnostic Sonographers, to address urgent workforce shortages in these critical areas.

In total, 26 workforce partnerships located throughout the state will receive $5 million in awards through the ISP Grant. 11 of these 26 are located in southwest Ohio. These awarded partnerships will focus on building a workforce in multiple in-demand industry sectors, including manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare.

This marks the third year that THC has received funding from the ISP grant. Current funding supports healthcare career exploration initiatives, focusing on launching the new Regional Career Exploration Collaborative. This collaborative effort is dedicated to building and expanding healthcare career exploration opportunities for middle and high school students. This funding also has allowed THC to award more than $20,000 in microgrants to partners to launch or expand their healthcare career exploration initiatives.

Additionally, the grant allowed THC to provide much-needed resiliency training to more than 200 healthcare employees. The selected program has a tremendous track record of creating a positive impact on retention for our regional healthcare employers.

Lastly, ISP funding allowed the convening of statewide healthcare education and workforce leaders to identify and address barriers that negatively impact student access to and success in earning in-demand healthcare credentials. The outcomes of these efforts have positioned THC as a leader in driving positive change across the state’s healthcare workforce landscape.

Hope Arthur, Executive Director of Workforce Innovations, expressed enthusiasm about the impact of the grant, stating, “This funding empowers us to continue our mission of increasing the size, diversity, and preparedness of our region’s healthcare talent pipeline. In implementing these strategic initiatives while using our data-driven approach, we are addressing some of the most critical current challenges our employers face and building a sustainable and equitable healthcare workforce for our communities.”

Partnering for the third consecutive year with the State of Ohio Industry Sector Partnership grant, THC continues to spearhead healthcare workforce innovation. We stand as a testament to collaborative efforts, engaging with other healthcare sector partners to share best practices and collectively making a significant impact on advancing the workforce landscape in the healthcare industry.

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