COVID-19 Vaccines and Immunity

Hear a presentation on COVID-19 vaccines and immunity given by Irene Hamrick, MD at our recent Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)/Hospital Regional Workgroup meeting.

Sep 17, 2021

Irene Hamrick MD

At our recent Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)/Hospital Regional Workgroup meeting, a presentation on COVID-19 vaccines and immunity was given by Irene Hamrick MD.

She serves as Chair of the Office of Geriatric Medicine at University of Cincinnati; and is the Martha Berry Semmons Endowed Chair in Geriatric Medicine Chief of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine for the Cincinnati VA Medical Center; and Community Living Center Medical Director.

Irene Hamrick MD

The Health Collaborative convenes two SNF Senior Living, Hospital, and Public Health regional groups under the MAC COVID-19 response initiatives (Zone 3 – Cincinnati/Dayton, Southeast Indiana and Northern Kentucky).


The larger of the two groups consists of roughly 500 members and is comprised of regional SNFs & other senior living facilities, hospitals, state & local public health, discharge planners & case managers, Council on Aging, Infectious Specialists, and so on.


The SNF/Hospital Regional Workgroup is a task force of about 25 consisting mainly of hospital representatives (discharge planners), SNF leadership, senior living. They address challenges, create regional approaches, offer guidance, and address transitions & capacity. They also supply information for updates to the larger regional group.


Dr. Hamrick, who is a member of both groups, and her team were kind enough to share the recording of her well-received presentation with us for our audience to enjoy. Click below to play either audio or video, and CLICK HERE for a transcript of the audio.


COVID-19 Vaccines and Immunity

by Dr. Irene Hamrick


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