Season of Gratitude: A Thank-You to GPO Members and Vendors

A note of gratitude from our staff to the members and vendors that make our Group Purchasing Organization a success year-round.

Nov 23, 2022

A message from THC’s GPO Staff:

As we approach the end of the year and enter into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we want to send out a note of gratitude to the members and vendors that work all year to make our Group Purchasing Organization a success.

To Our GPO Members:
Thank you so much for your continued dedication to our communities and for your ongoing support to THC’s mission. You have contributed to the health of our organization in so many ways:

    • Your 2022 spend with GPO vendors is likely to reach $16,000,000 – which represents about $3,000,000 in savings for your organizations! This spend also produces nearly $260,000 in vendor contributions back to THC, allowing us to continue to do our mission-driven work.
    • Your commitment to our work groups has assisted us in making many positive changes this year. Here are some highlights:
      • The Medical Waste RFP Group helped evaluate and select a new medical waste vendor. Greenway Innovations took over our medical waste business in May, offering simplified billing and significant savings for our members.
      • The Utility Committee was reinstated, allowing our member organizations to collaborate on various energy topics such as skyrocketing costs, electric vehicles, and Duke’s new accounting platform.
      • The Vendor Advisory Committee has reviewed and considered 28 new vendors, recommending seven for GPO preferred status, resulting in four new executed agreements. This represents 17% growth in our portfolio! Our focus on diverse vendors has allowed our portfolio to grow from 13% to 19% diverse vendor options.
      • The Language Access Committee has assisted in adding two new language service vendors, contributed significant efforts toward language service goals and participated in our annual language provider audit this past summer.

    This is amazing work and we thank you for your efforts!

    To Our 27 GPO Vendors:
    We are so thankful for your service and commitment to our THC members. Collectively you have served nearly 135 of our members this past year and provided significant savings as outlined above. We appreciate your collaborative spirit and promise to continue to make every effort to keep your products and services visible to our members.

You are the reason we are here. THANK YOU!
Happy Thanksgiving,

Alisa & Sharon

Alisa & Sharon with Byron & Melissa from BlueRose Supply


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