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Our own Christa Hyson, MPH, Senior Manager, External Affairs, was featured on Local12-WKRC on Saturday morning to talk about our region’s readiness in the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Anchor Angenette Levy spoke with Hyson, who serves as the Public Information Officer for our region’s Disaster Preparedness Coalition, about the potential for Duke Energy Convention Center to be converted to a makeshift hospital, and what our area’s hospitals are doing in anticipation of the upcoming surge in patients needing specialized care.


One of the important distinctions Hyson made in the interview is the differences in protection and effectiveness among various types of masks. She clarified the three most commonly-worn masks as:


  • Surgical-style masks – these are the disposable, cloth-like paper masks that are often seen in healthcare settings. These do a good job of keeping your germs in, but aren’t so great at keeping bad germs out.
  • N95 masks with respirator – these masks have a special construction that keeps particles, viruses, and bacteria out as well as keeping any illnesses you may be carrying from spreading to others.
  • Cloth masks – these are really only to be used as a last resort but are better than no protection at all. Best when properly lined but even a bandana or t-shirt can be used to make a mask.
Watch the clip below and be sure to check our COVID-19 web page regularly for updates.