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Ohio/NKY Data Aggregation Service Now Offering Eight HEDIS Measures


CINCINNATI – The Health Collaborative (THC) has announced the availability of new HEDIS Gap Care Reporting to its Claims Data Co-Op participants. THC has developed an enhancement to existing reporting tools in which care management efforts can be focused on the patients who need it most. With the help of its healthcare partners, the regional healthcare improvement nonprofit has chosen an initial list of eight HEDIS measures to include in the report.

According to, the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is one of healthcare’s most widely-used performance improvement tools. Approximately 190 million people are enrolled in health plans that report HEDIS results.

These measures span a broad spectrum of populations, from those affected by pediatric measure gaps to cancer screenings. Users can now review gaps in care delivery from the patient level up to payor-level outcomes. The goal is for users to identify healthcare gaps, target under-resourced populations, and focus efforts to close these gaps.

Francisco Rademacher, Senior Data Analyst

Francisco Rademacher, BA, MHSA

THC’s data aggregation services work on a cooperative model in which health plans provide their attributed claims data, reporting on measures that cover cost, quality, and utilization. THC data analysts then make sure the reporting is consistent and accurate and prepare the client-facing reports to ensure the data is meaningful to the end user.

“Practices and payers split the cost of aggregating the data 50/50, creating a shared, cooperative model that leverages co-ownership of the results,” explained Francisco Rademacher, BA, MHSA, Senior Data Analyst. “Payers and practices receive consistent reporting in the same format, meaning they are ‘speaking the same language’ once they view the reports.”

Practices that have opted in now have access to nearly 40 data-driven dashboards that break down various pieces of data in one place. They can compare how their practice is doing compared to similarly-sized practices in the area or state-wide, and how their practice compares to others participating in data aggregation.


Meg Cone, MSN, RN, CNL, MHSA

“This is a team effort and we are grateful for the assistance of our member partners and the healthcare community at large,” says Meg Cone MSN, RN, CNL, MHSA, Director of Claims Data Services at THC. “The THC data aggregation team looks forward to helping practices better manage their limited resources with the expected outcome of more efficient and effective healthcare for ALL in our region.”

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