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They didn’t actually make a pilgrimage to Black Rock City in the Nevada Desert, but our awesome Comprehensive Primary Care Plus, or CPC+ team did get to spend the day at the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Burning Man exhibit!


Tiffany’s follow-up note to the team:

“…Touring Burning Man was an eye-opening, inspiring, thought provoking, creative experience. Definitely challenges out-of-the-box thinking and promotes such strong sense of collaboration, risk-taking, planning, continuous improvement, and recognition of independent contribution. To realize results, it takes investment of time and time itself. Some of these artists invested years before they saw their results – talk about patience! I hope you all walked away a little more inspired and empowered to be creative, innovative, collaborative, and inclusive.” – Tiffany Mattingly, RN, MSN, Director, Clinical Quality Improvement


Did you attend the Burning Man exhibit before it closed in early September? Tell us what you thought in the comments!